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After spending months of alternative treatments to no avail, to erase numbness in my legs, it was suggested by a work colleague to have a Muscular Skeletal assessment from a Physiotherapist.
I was made to feel relaxed and welcome on my first visit, and after explaining my symptoms and past history I was made comfortable and a thorough assessment was carried out in a friendly but professional manner.
Exercises were given in between my weekly appointments at Fairway to help my condition and enable me to continue running.
Due to all the investigations and joint working between Julie and my doctor, I was able to complete the Great North Run of 13.4 miles with no symptoms, discomfort and within the time I had set for myself. What a result!!!
Julie instigated all the treatments and due to her professionalism and treatment, I would not hesitate to use the clinic and service again if required. All the staff are amenable and very friendly.


I have attended the clinic for a prolonged period to treat a chronic back condition.
During this time I have always found the staff very helpful, friendly and professional in all their dealings with me.
I have received acupuncture, physiotherapy and guidance with exercises and a training regime from Joanne, which has helped me to be pain-free, mobile and enjoy a quality of life, which was absent before my treatment.
I cannot recommend the clinic highly enough as it has greatly assisted me with the management and maintenance of my condition.


After attending my first appointment at your Clinic following a period of increasing pain with my right hip, I was very impressed not only by your professional and friendly manner, but most important of all by your accurate and confident diagnosis.
Your attitude, depth of knowledge, ability to liase with and give advice to other professionals and so become part of a professional team, and also the friendly manner in which you dealt with me gives me no hesitation in recommending your Clinic to other people in need of physiotherapy treatment.


I have had reason to visit the Fairway Physiotherapy Clinic on several occasions for different reasons and different body parts (!) and each time have received excellent treatment.
My most recent visit was as a result of a motorbike accident, which was very traumatic for me. On this occasion I was treated by Julie who not only helped me through the pain of my injuries but understood and supported me mentally through the post traumatic stress.
I would highly recommend Fairway to anyone needing physiotherapy treatment. In addition to excellent treatment, advice and support is freely given and very reassuring when in a lot of pain.


I have a chronic incurable condition which causes me to have a lot of pain and immobility in my neck and shoulders. I have been seeing Julie at Fairway on a regular basis for over 3 years and she keeps me going by careful massage and manipulation. After my treatments I am much more comfortable and mobile. I get a friendly reception every time I go and I always look forward to my next appointment. I would now not go anywhere else.


I attended Fairway Clinic and found a very professional approach. Staff were friendly and so were the Physiotherapists. Joanne spent time explaining the underlying cause. I received massage and acupuncture in the sessions. I would not hesitate to recommend the clinic.

JH - 14/6/17